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Here’s my collection of scissors. From left to right: fabric shears, embroidery scissors, applique scissors, pinking shears, thread snips, fabric shears.

The two sets of shears may seem a bit redundant, but I do find that depending on what I’m doing I’ll chose one or the other. The embroidery scissors are awesome for very detailed work, and that pair came with my embroidery machine. The applique scissors I also use a lot and it really does make a difference having that blunt blade on the back, I rarely have to worry about accidentally cutting through a layer of fabric that I don’t want to. I have used the pinking shears when working with fabrics that fray easily, like silk.


Randomizing tiles

I wanted to share a link that I used to help me come up with a random arrangement for my quilt squares. Tasteful tiling with Excel is a way to generate random tiling. Sure I could have just randomly thrown the pieces around but I found this much easier because with the click of the button it would arrange the tiles and I could decide whether I liked the overall look. Basically I tweaked some of the setting and kept clicking until I liked what I saw. Then I arranged my real quilt squares in the same way and sewed them up.