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3D embroidery

Once I was satisfied with my sashiko design, I tried it with quilt batting to see what would happen.


Jelly Roll Quilt Complete

This was my first attempt at free motion quilting and it got a lot better toward the end. I chose a soft yellow cotton flannel to back the quilt which makes it extra cozy to curl up under. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Quilt binding

So this is my first time binding a quilt by machine. I’ve got the fast machine quilt binding instructions up on my screen behind my sewing machine. I changed things up a little by joining my binding strips on the diagonal (same as how my jelly roll strips are joined) as that spreads out the bulk of the seam along the binding. Overall it went pretty well, of course it’s not perfect on the back but that’s ok!

Jelly roll quilt top

Ever since I came across these jelly roll quilt instructions a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been dying to give it a try. So last week-end, I picked up a couple of jelly rolls and after a couple of hours at my machine, I had this:

I had taken great care to arrange my strips to mix up the colors and patterns as I sewed them all end to end, but obviously it was all in vain as they all ended up grouped together.

I was hoping to get to quilt it up this week-end, but didn’t have any luck finding a backing fabric I liked at the fabric store I went to yesterday. Another shop is having a big sale later this week, so hopefully I will find something there. I’m going to give FMQ a try on this, so have been reading up on tutorials like this one at Oh, Fransson! and admiring designs at The Free Motion Quilting Project.

Color inspiration

love this blog i just stumbled across, design-seeds.com, for color inspiration. i have to figure out if there’s an easy way to access my favorites from my phone for when i am out fabric shopping for quilts.

Randomizing tiles

I wanted to share a link that I used to help me come up with a random arrangement for my quilt squares. Tasteful tiling with Excel is a way to generate random tiling. Sure I could have just randomly thrown the pieces around but I found this much easier because with the click of the button it would arrange the tiles and I could decide whether I liked the overall look. Basically I tweaked some of the setting and kept clicking until I liked what I saw. Then I arranged my real quilt squares in the same way and sewed them up.