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Cross stitch digitizing

I was trying to figure out if I could digitize my own cross stitch designs. I created a blue decorative border using the free software Stitch Era Universal, but unfortunately it wasn’t stitching out very well and the thread kept breaking. Not being sure if it was something to do with my machine settings or thread, I tried out a built-in cross stitch design below in the same brand of thread. It stitched beautifully with no problems, so I gave up on that cross stitch digitizing method.

If anyone has any recommendations on some affordable software that does a good job digitizing cross stitch, I would love to hear about it!


Machine Embroidery Blackwork

Here’s my attempt to digitize some blackwork designs. I have no clue what I’m doing digitizing-wise, so these are just vector lines auto-digitzied by the software and I’m not really satisfied with the results. My first attempt was the top right, and my second attempt at the bottom went a little better based on my learnings from the first go-round.

I stumbled across a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork at my local library back in the summer and have been fascinated ever since.