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Cross stitch digitizing

I was trying to figure out if I could digitize my own cross stitch designs. I created a blue decorative border using the free software Stitch Era Universal, but unfortunately it wasn’t stitching out very well and the thread kept breaking. Not being sure if it was something to do with my machine settings or thread, I tried out a built-in cross stitch design below in the same brand of thread. It stitched beautifully with no problems, so I gave up on that cross stitch digitizing method.

If anyone has any recommendations on some affordable software that does a good job digitizing cross stitch, I would love to hear about it!


Cross stitch discoveries

I’m very intrigued by the possibilities presented by cross stitching by machine, since I definitely don’t have the patience to do it by hand. I was kind of skeptical as to whether the machine would be able to mimic the hand sewn look so thought I would start with some freebies. I downloaded a bunch of freebies from various sites, and the results were quite interesting.

The big rose design in the center is my favourite. I love the way it stitched out; tiny little perfect even stitches, all crossed in the same direction and overall it gives off a really nice texture. For fun and experimentation I actually used different kinds of threads, embroidery thread (red and pink) and regular polyester sewing thread (greens) and both worked really well.

Then came the rose on the right with the black outline. That one isn’t bad, the stitches didn’t have as many repetitions so they are not quite as dense. I don’t personally like the looser look as much, but a friend of mine says it’s still a very legit look if that’s what your preference is.

The one on the left is a disaster if you ask me, and I didn’t even bother finishing it. The crosses look sloppy because they cross over in random directions and it’s very distracting, especially with the high sheen embroidery thread. Same with the two roses I started in the back, not impressed with how those were stitching out. They were the same design but in different counts so I was curious to see how they would look, but was not impressed and didn’t finish them.

Basically, I think it’s possible to do some nice cross stitch work by machine, but like any other kind of machine embroidery you need a design that is well digitized to get the best results. I’ve since downloaded other cross stitch freebies with mixed results, some that were freebies from sites that offer a lot of cross stitch designs for sale (so you’d think they would be good). I would be weary purchasing cross stitch designs without trying them first because they definitely vary in quality.