dabbling in diy


living in kobe, japan vancouver, bc. i like to take photos, knit, and travel. and sew.


Comments on: "about" (2)

  1. rachel dean said:

    i am a Londoner living in Osaka. I also like to knit and travel! dont worry, this isnt a creepy internet pick-up thing. i was just looking for knitting circles in japan, kinda miss it as ive gotten out of the habit. ive been here since february and have another 5 months left..its cool. im volunteering at a hospital. what are you doing in japan? 🙂 rachel X

  2. Margaret said:

    I have the same jelly roll fabric in your yellow, grey, and black quilt. Have you seen a source where I could order another jelly roll of this fabric?

    Love the fabric and wanted to make my quilt larger if possible. Thank you.

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