dabbling in diy

I needed something to wear to a gold themed New Years party, but as gold is not my style, I really didn’t own anything gold to wear. Enter the leftover gold thread from the candles and a freestanding lace Raven Mask from awesome Urban Threads and I was in business.

Except ha ha ha gold is a metallic thread, my most favoritest kind of thread! There was thread breakage a plenty for this project, but by the end the breaks were significantly fewer and further between. So here are my tips on working with the pretty shiny threads.

1. Use a metallic thread needle. This is a no brainer, I wouldn’t even try it without.
2. Reduce your machine’s speed. I figured this out partway through the project and it really did help.
3. Put your bobbin of thread in a cup or glass instead of on the machine’s spool holder. I saw this tip while googling for metallic thread help and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I ended up using a small shot glass and it worked well.
4. Increase the distance between the bobbin and the thread intake to the machine. This gives more room for any twists and kinks to unravel before they get into the machine where they are likely to cause breakage. With my bobbin in the little shot glass it was easy to move it around and I ended up setting it down on the table next to the machine.
5. Use the right kind of stabilizer. As this is a lace project, a soluble stabilizer is needed. I first tried using a lightweight Solvy, but the metallic thread just shredded it without mercy. Then I switched to a stronger non-woven stabilizer and that worked much better.

This was also my first freestanding lace project and so I wasn’t sure how to play the bobbin thread. Each half of the mask was stitched separately and for the first half I wound a bobbin of the gold thread. Then, because I like to experiment, I used regular bobbin thread for the other half. From the front I don’t think the white bobbin thread is super obvious and I do have to say it did seem a little less scratchy against my face than the other gold bobbin thread side. I didn’t end up adding the beak, the mask alone was enough for me.

Overall this was a nice rewarding project. It was quick and easy enough compared to the pretty fantastic result and I did get a lot of compliments on it. And it would be even easier in regular thread!


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