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sock in progress ok notice how my sock has backtracked? this is because foolish me didn’t try it on after turning the heel (see i didn’t realize that with this gauge and yarn it’s much shorter to do a short row heel than a heel flap) and when i finally did, it was too short! that and i foolishly started ribbing right after turning the heel which made my rib start right from the heel instead of closer to the ankle. so i frogged it all the way back down to right before the heel and started over. i got to practice doing the short row heel again, which i guess isn’t such a bad thing. live and learn.

so knitting is really great to do while watching tv or something like that, but here in japan i don’t have a tv, and even if i did it would all be in japanese so i wouldn’t understand much. most of the time i just knit on the subway, but occasionally i like to knit in the evening and then it’s nice to have something else going on while i knit. so tv is out. occasionally i’ll watch a movie, but i don’t always want to knit for that long. anyway, i think i’ve finally found a solution: podcasts. a few days ago i posted about a podcast about kiva.org that i listened to. last night i listened to an episode of escape from cubicle nation interviewing the author of the personal finance blog iwillteachyoutoberich.com. makes me feel like i am being double productive, knitting socks and learning about entrepreneurship!


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  1. Oh no, but it’s pretty yarn!

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