dabbling in diy

IMGP1162 the second socks has been sitting almost finished for a couple of days now. i just haven’t had a chance to sit down and graft the toe. in fact, i have been putting it off since my last attempt on the first sock didn’t come out properly after a couple of tries. i just had to go with it after try number two because the yarn had already been cut and it was getting really finicky to fix. hopefully i’ll have some time soon to finish it (although the next few days are busy ones, i’m leaving for australia in a week! aaahhhh! so much to do!).

IMGP1163 in the meantime i’ve started a new sock, this time toe up. again, i’m at an impasse because i have to work on turning the heel and i want to try to do a short row heel. this again means setting some time aside to sit down and follow instructions. the problem is the stockinette foot and leg parts just go by way too quickly doing it on the subway every day, but then i don’t have time to do the trickier parts so i’m left without any knitting for my subway commute. yesterday i was just finishing up the foot part of these socks and a little old lady started talking to me about it. except i have no idea what she was asking me coz my japanese just isn’t that good.


Comments on: "sock number two (and three)" (2)

  1. you know, I’ve never knitted before and I never thought of knitting as interesting but your little posts and pictures make me so intrigued about it and wonder how challenging it is. I love the colours of your socks, too. They look so fun.

  2. you should give it a try! i find it very relaxing actually. i love knitting on the subway because it makes me feel like i am doing something productive with my time. and making little projects like socks is very rewarding because they don’t take long.

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