dabbling in diy


Sanda Stamp yesterday we went on an adventure to the hyogo museum of ceramic art. getting there turned out to be quite the adventure and after finding ourselves on a train going in the opposite direction of where we needed to go, we got off at the next stop, which was this stop Sanda. i spotted this stamp and stamped my little moleskine notebook that i always carry around. these stamps can be found in train stations and popular attractions such as musems and other sightseeing spots, and each stamp has a special design for each particular location. i think collecting these stamps is a popular hobby.

as far as the museum went, we never actually made it to the actual museum! we did find some kind of pottery compound though that is next to the museum and spent the afternoon making pottery. they are supposed to mail our pieces to us, so i guess i’ll see the results in about 2 months.

and as far as my socks are coming along, the first sock is ready for the toe decrease, and in anticipation of spending a fair bit of time knitting on the train on the way to the pottery museum i actually cast on for the next sock. unfortunately i spent about 80% of my time on the train and waiting at various points while we got lost etc. de-tangling the yarn because i couldn’t find the start of the skein. this happens to me about 50% of the time when i start something from a new skein, i really need to learn if there is some kind of system to it.


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