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knitting style

i taught myself how to knit one year over christmas break when i was in univeristy. i taught myself from a knitting book for kids i borrowed from the library. the book was for kids and just made everything really simple. so i had no idea that there were multiple ways to knit (english & continental) for the longest time. then a year or so later, my roomate had her mom teach her how to knit and her mom taught her continental. all i saw was how my friend was doing it different from me and i tried to emulate her, but kept reverting back to my own way. anyway, thanks to the book i picked up last week on knitting (Teach Yourself Visually Knitting), i realized that i knit english style and purl continental style. weird! so while i’ve been knitting my socks, i’ve made a conscious effort to knit continental and i’m happy to say that it’s working, more or less. it’s starting to feel more natural and i feel like it’s faster too.

tomorrow i’m going to try to buy some circular needles coz i’ve decided my longish double pointed needles from the hundred yen shop are just too long for using on the crowded subway. they make my knitting look like a very pointy and very dangerous death star of some sort!


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