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origami paper origami box

first picture is the pretty origami paper i bought last week at tokyu hands. except i haven’t made anything with it yet. i think i will end up making little paper kimonos to put on cards. and maybe some boxes. i really like the way the little boxes came out. i made them in (uglier) cheap paper i bought to try first. i also made a monkey but after that completely lost interest. for some reason if it involves “pasting” separate sheets together, i don’t find it so interesting.


i think it’s neat to make something out of 1 sheet of paper, strictly folding it it, and having it turn out to be some intricate yet recognizable shape. once pasting together a bunch of relatively simple shapes is in order, i find it boring. and unfortunately i didn’t look at the book i bought quite closely enough before buying it, but most of the interesting looking projects are actually a number of simple shapes pasted together. such as the moneky, which is 3 separate shapes. so my interest in origami has waned and on to knitting we go.


today was grey and rainy, perfect weather to hole up at home and do some knitting. first order was to gather supplies to start making my first pair of socks. first i went to the hundred yen shop (dollar store) and bought a couple of sets of bamboo double pointed needles. then i went to union wool to find some yarn to make socks and was ever so delighted to find some regia sock yarn, on sale too! so i bought a couple of skeins.

i started knitting the first sock, with help from socks 101 and socks 101 on knitty while watching what the bleep do we know.


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  1. I love the little origami box. My mother makes little boxes like that from greeting cards and wrapping paper. They are so beautiful and dear.

    The sock yarn is pretty too. Good luck with that first pair!


  2. I think I know what you mean about pasting origami together, not that I’m a big origami maker, but the idea of origami in my head is to use one paper for the whole thing, not several pieces pasted together.

    And I’m not sure if you use bobby pins a lot (I know I go through a ton of them all the time), but there are these sweet bobby pins at the 100 yen shop that you should definitely pick up. They’re pretty simple but they’re strong and really tight. The case is like a transparent bubble and the bottom of the case is a purple rubber-plastic type of thing… haha… that probably makes no sense. But if you see it and you’re in need of bobby pins, seriously, those are the ones to get. I wish I would have bought like 10 packs of those.

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