dabbling in diy

went to Shukugawa

today i got a haircut. and it’s not post-worthy because the last time i got a haircut was over six months ago when i was in the philippines. no, it’s post-worthy because it was a surprisingly ‘japanese’ experience. the whole routine of getting your hair washed before the cut? well yes i sat on the usual chair that leans way back so your head can go over the sink, except this special japanese chair also gave a back massage at the same time! and then after getting lathered up and waiting for the few minutes for it to infuse or whatever special shampoo is supposed to, there was the hot (and soothing!) compress or whatever they slid under my neck. and while the stylist assistant washed my hair she put a square of tissue over my face. i’m not sure what the purpose was, whether to protect my face from stray splashes of water or to give me some ‘privacy’? but seriously: so japanese! it was great.


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