dabbling in diy

as planned, i went to craft heaven Yuzawaya today to look for origami paper. on my bike ride over i got a great idea for a little creative project that i am very excited about should i actually see it through to fruition. anyway i didn’t end up finding the nice kind of origami paper i was looking for at Yuzawaya, so i ended up having to go to Tokyu Hands to look there. now there’s another store i think is awesome and will also miss when i leave japan. it’s actually pretty similar to Loft.

anyway, i didn’t end up making as much origami goodness as i had hoped i would because i got a call from a coworker inviting me to check out COSTCO and so off i went to Amagasaki. coming home i was jam pack squished on the commuter packed JR train with (amongst other things) a 4 pound tub of jelly bellys in my backpack and 12 pack box of macaroni and cheese under my arm. american bulk food shopping meets japanese commuting. or something like that.

then this evening we watched An Inconvenient Truth, which i guess everyone should see, although it didn’t really tell me anything i didn’t already know. although i suppose the one thing it did give me is hope for the future since it seems to be well received, which means that things are hopefully going to change for the better in terms of bringing global warming back in check.


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