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boy am i knackered. i spent the day in Osaka exploring Shinsaibashi and Namba, and of course, shopping! i was surprised (but not) to stumble upon an american apparel in Shinsaibashi. took a look inside but didn’t see anything too interesting.

i ended up buying a bunch of craftyness inspiring books which i hope will inspire me to make nice things! i bought an origami book because i need an excuse to buy all the beautiful origami papers i keep seeing… except of course after buying the book i couldn’t find any origami paper! i even went all out of my way to go to Loft, but i didn’t like any of the stuff they had. so now i have my origami book and no paper to make stuff with. by the way, Loft is seriously one of the coolest stores of all time and i am really going to miss it when i leave japan. where else can you find a full spectrum of vividly colored shower heads (amongst a vast plethora of other really really really cool stuff!)?

i also picked up a graphics book on japanese pattern, and spotted a future purchase about traditional japanese colors. and lastly, i picked up a knitting book because it’s one thing that i can do in my tiny apartment since knitting needles and yarn don’t take up so much space. sigh. in my exploration i found the coolest fabric store ever, i think it was all (cheap!) ends of all kinds of awesome fabrics. maybe it’s good my apartment is so tiny because i otherwise i’d have come home with loads of fabric and a sewing machine to go with.

so tomorrow i’m going to head over to the 7 or so floor craft heaven here in Kobe, more commonly known as Yuzawaya, to pick up crafty supplies.


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