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it kind of feels like i am just waking up after a long long long slumber. for the past year or so i have not really been keeping a blog or diary, i have not been making things with my hands, two things which have been a part of me for a very long time. i guess i could get all philosophical about it and wonder about change and circles, but instead i will just say that i feel that maybe it’s time to start things up again.

sometimes i feel really frustrated at the fact that i am here in japan and not growing my knowledge and skills of all things textiles as much as i should be. i suppose it is rather difficult to try and find any kind of textiles network since i do not speak the language. but there is just so much here that i know i will kick myself for ever if i leave without feeling like i even got to experience a little of it.

i have been looking for some kind of knitting circle for a while and been frustrated by the lack of results. today i finally found a link to CHIC Kobe. they have all kinds of great sounding classes, including a knitting circle! however it seems like i’ve missed the boat for their winter semester. hopefully they will have some new classes starting for spring.


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  1. Hey! I just came across your blog. You must live in Kansai, right? I had the same thing happen the first year when I moved to Japan — it was so hard to do anything crafty — almost like my creativity went dormant.

    Is the cute yarn shop still in Shukugawa? There was one in the larger shopping plaza there when I lived in Nishinomiya 6 yrs ago.

    I’m so jealous that you can go to the Loft and Tokyu Hands — they are so much fun! A crafter’s heaven. (Wish we had something as cool here in LA — I really pine for them…)

    Really nice blog — love the way your socks are coming along and your origami is so fun!

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